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Fic - Favor

Title: Favor
Pairing/Characters: Ryo/Uchi
Rating: R
Warnings: sexual content
Notes: Written for kitsune_hikaru for the 2012 k8_exchange. Thank you to my beta for the advice and help <3!
Summary Ryo and Uchi try out each other`s hobbies~!

....Collapse )

Fic - Suits

Title: Suits

Pairing/Characters: 8Uppers

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Some swearing and “suggestive” stuff.

Notes: Thank you to my beta for the help \o/ Written for encoded_panties for the 2012 k8_exchange.

Summary: 8Uppers have a new case~!

”LaCollapse )

Fic - Finding Magic

Title: Finding Magic
Pairing/Characters: Ryo/Uchi, with appearances by Eito, Arashi, NEWS, KAT-TUN and Matchy
Rating: NC-17 (in two sections, the majority is PG)
Word Count: 62,574
Summary: Prince Ryo and his noble sidekick friend Hiroki embark on a quest to see the world, make new friends, slay a dragon, and put off getting married as long as possible.

Notes: A collaboration between travelingpsycho and akanyanen!
We finally finished our second collaboration! :D

It is posted here.

Fic - Nanny Nishikido

Title: Nanny Nishikido
Group: Kanjani8
Rating: PG-13 for bad words
Pairing: None, really.
Word Count: 2,300 about
Note: Ryo's life is hard. Thanks to travelingpsycho for the beta!

Ryo's life is hardCollapse )

Fic - Can You Skate?

Title: Can You Skate?
Group: Kanjani8 (and others)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ryo/Uchi
Word Count: 4,049
Note: For Maia who gave me a drabble prompt that was awesome and grew into this long...thing LOL <3 Thanks to my Beta, Ilanaface <3

Can you skate?Collapse )

FIC - Stylin'

Title: Stylin'
Pairing/Group: Ryo/Shige (NEWS)
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 2,500
Notes: Happy Birthday, ryogrande It isn't quite your birthday in your timezone but it is in mine and... I imagine you'll be busy tomorrow ;D When I started it there wasn't that interview, so hopefully, even if you're :| at one of them, you'll still enjoy this somehow XD
This also fulfills one of my kink bingo squares <.< By chance. Thank you, Alissa for the beta :)

.. Shige's life is hardCollapse )

10 sentences meme pt2

Part One

Tag-uchi for ryogrande

taguchi/uchiCollapse )

RyoShige for crumplelush

ryoshigeCollapse )

Yasuba for travelingpsycho
yasubaCollapse )

Ohkura/Food for ryogrande
ohkurafoodCollapse )

Subassan for therese_chan
subassanCollapse )

Koyashige for crumplelush

koyashigeCollapse )

Akame for evil evil evil ryogrande ... I hate you but I love you :|

rio is evil rio is evilCollapse )

Ohkura/Uchi for Iso my love <3

hokuraandhuuuchiCollapse )

10 sentences meme

All of these written for the meme that went around. Reposting from my journal comments.

1. Angst
2. AU
3. Crack
4. Future fic
5. First Time
6. Fluff
7. Humor
8. Hurt/Comfort
9. Smut
10. UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension)

Ohmiya requested by airairo

OhmiyaCollapse )

PIN for ryogrande

PinCollapse )

"Panda" Ryo/Uchi for fuyukoi

pandaCollapse )

subaryo for fuyukoi

subaryoCollapse )

Uchi/Girls for ryogrande
VaguchiCollapse )

Kame/Uchi for elizajet

Kame/uchiCollapse )

RyoUchi for travelingpsycho

RyouchiCollapse )

Ryo/Yasu for travelingpsycho

Ryo/YasuCollapse )

Part Two

Fic - Absolut

Title: Absolut
Pairing/Characters: Johnny/Ace (8uppers!verse)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Boysex
Notes: For natsudive for k8_exchange 2011 :)
Summary: Johnny and Ace don't have problems. It's only a problem when you acknowledge it.

Come on we know you're gayCollapse )